Using Templates to Simplify Funeral Order of Service Booklets


Planning a funeral is an emotional and challenging time. Crafting a funeral order of service booklet can add to the stress. However, using templates can significantly ease this burden.

This article explores the benefits of using templates, offers guidance on their selection and customization, and provides practical tips for creating a heartfelt and respectful service.

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The Importance of an Order of Service

Guiding Attendees

An order of service booklet serves as a roadmap for the funeral ceremony. It helps attendees understand what to expect, when to participate, and how to follow the proceedings. This guidance can be comforting during an emotionally charged event.

Honouring the Deceased

A thoughtfully prepared order of service pays tribute to the deceased, reflecting their personality, beliefs, and the love shared by family and friends. It ensures that their memory is honoured in a dignified and respectful manner.

Creating a Keepsake

Funeral orders of service often become cherished keepsakes. They provide a tangible memory of the day and can be kept as a memento by those who attend. Including personal touches can make these keepsakes even more special.

Benefits of Using Templates


Planning a funeral involves many time-sensitive decisions. Templates save valuable time by providing a ready-made structure. You can focus on personalising the content rather than starting from scratch.

Professional Appearance

Templates are typically designed by professionals and ensure a polished and coherent look. This is especially important when you want the order of service to reflect the respect and love you have for the deceased.

Easy to Customise

Most templates are user-friendly and easy to customise. You can add photos, readings, hymns, and personal messages that resonate with the life of the person being remembered.

Reducing Stress

Using a template can significantly reduce the stress involved in funeral planning. With a clear structure already in place, you can devote more energy to the elements that make the service unique and personal.

Selecting the Right Template

Considering the Tone

Different funerals have different tones, ranging from solemn and traditional to more celebratory. Choose a template that matches the desired tone of the service. Look for one that allows enough flexibility to incorporate the specific elements you want.

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Religious and Cultural Sensitivities

Ensure the template you select can accommodate religious or cultural customs that are important to the deceased and their family. Many templates offer variations suitable for various faiths and traditions.

Format and Layout

Templates come in various formats, including printed booklets and digital versions. Consider the format that best suits your needs. Printed booklets are traditional and tangible, while digital versions can be shared easily with those unable to attend in person.

Customisation Options

Look for templates that offer plenty of customisation options. This allows you to include unique elements such as personal photos, specific hymns, or favourite readings. Customisation helps make the service a true reflection of the individual being honoured.

Customising the Template

Adding Personal Elements

Include photos, quotes, and anecdotes that capture the essence of your loved one. These personal elements can bring comfort to attendees and make the service more meaningful.

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Choosing Appropriate Content

Select readings, hymns, and music that were significant to the deceased. This not only personalises the service but also ensures it is a true reflection of their life and values.

Structuring the Ceremony

Ensure the order of service follows a logical sequence. Common elements include an introduction, readings, eulogies, hymns, prayers, and a conclusion. Clearly indicate when attendees should participate, such as during hymns or communal prayers.

Reviewing and Proofreading

Carefully review the final draft for any errors or omissions. Proofreading is essential to ensure that names, dates, and other details are correct. Having another set of eyes review the document can help catch mistakes you might have missed.

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Practical Tips for Creating a Funeral Order of Service

Collaborate with Family and Friends

Involve close family and friends in the creation process. Their input can provide valuable perspectives and help ensure the service is a collective tribute.

For a more in-depth look at involving friends and family please see our article – Involving Family and Friends When Creating A Funeral Order Of Service Booklet.

Use High-Quality Materials

If you opt for printed booklets, use high-quality paper and printing services. This enhances the professional appearance and durability of the keepsakes.

Be Mindful of Length

While it’s important to include meaningful content, be mindful of the overall length of the service. A concise, well-structured order of service is more effective than an overly long one.

Prepare for Unexpected Changes

Despite careful planning, unexpected changes can occur. Have a flexible mindset and be prepared to adapt if necessary, whether it’s a change in speakers or a last-minute adjustment to the schedule.


Creating a funeral order of service is a significant task that can feel overwhelming during a time of grief. Using templates can simplify this process, providing a structured, professional, and customisable foundation.

By selecting the right template and adding personal touches, you can create a meaningful tribute that honours your loved one’s memory and provides comfort to those who attend.

Remember, the goal is to create a service that truly reflects the individual’s life and legacy, offering solace and support to family and friends.

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