Innovative Uses for Funeral Share a Memory Cards


Losing a loved one is an incredibly difficult experience. During such times, it’s important to find meaningful ways to honour and remember those who have passed away.

Funeral Share a Memory Cards offer a unique and personal method to capture heartfelt memories, anecdotes, and messages from family and friends.

This article explores innovative ways to use these cards to create a lasting tribute to your loved one.

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Creating a Memory Book

A Keepsake of Shared Memories

One of the most touching ways to use Funeral Share a Memory Cards is to compile them into a memory book. Collect the completed cards from the funeral or memorial service and arrange them in a beautifully bound book.

This keepsake can be revisited whenever you need comfort or want to remember your loved one.

Adding Photos and Mementos

Enhance the memory book by incorporating photographs, small mementos, and other personal items. This could include pictures of the deceased at various stages of life, images of special occasions, or even pressed flowers from the funeral service.

Adding these elements creates a richer, more personal tribute that goes beyond words alone.

Digital Memory Boards

Scanning and Sharing

In today’s digital age, creating a digital memory board can be a modern way to honour your loved one. Scan the Funeral Share a Memory Cards and upload them to a dedicated online platform or social media page.

This allows friends and family who couldn’t attend the funeral to contribute their own memories and read those shared by others.

Interactive Features

Many online memorial platforms offer interactive features, such as the ability to comment on shared memories, upload photos, and create virtual candles.

These tools can help foster a sense of community and support among those grieving, even if they are separated by distance.

Art and Craft Projects

Creating a Memory Quilt

Transform the messages from the Funeral Share a Memory Cards into a beautiful memory quilt. Each card’s sentiment can be embroidered or transferred onto fabric squares, which are then stitched together to form a quilt.

This tangible item can provide warmth and comfort, serving as a daily reminder of your loved one.


Another creative way to use the cards is by incorporating them into a scrapbook. This allows for a blend of written memories, photographs, and decorative elements.

Scrapbooking can be a therapeutic activity, helping you process your grief while creating a visual and textual narrative of your loved one’s life.

Memory Jars

Collecting Messages

A memory jar is a simple yet powerful way to keep the essence of your loved one alive. Place the Funeral Share a Memory Cards into a jar, which can be opened and read whenever you seek comfort.

This can be especially poignant on anniversaries, birthdays, or during moments when you feel particularly close to the deceased.

Customising the Jar

Personalise the memory jar by decorating it with items that remind you of your loved one. This could include their favourite colours, charms, or even a photo on the lid.

Customising the jar makes it a unique piece that reflects the personality and spirit of the person you are remembering.

Memorial Displays

Funeral Services and Memorials

Display the completed Funeral Share a Memory Cards at the funeral or memorial service. Arrange them on a board or table where attendees can read through the messages.

This not only honours the deceased but also allows those grieving to connect through shared memories and stories.

Home Displays

After the service, consider creating a permanent display in your home. This could be a dedicated space on a shelf or a framed collage of the cards.

Having a visible reminder of your loved one can provide ongoing comfort and a sense of presence.

Virtual Memorial Services

Incorporating Memories into Online Tributes

Incorporating the sentiments from Funeral Share a Memory Cards into a virtual memorial service can be a touching tribute. During an online ceremony, you can read aloud the messages and stories shared on the cards.

This can be particularly meaningful for those who couldn’t attend in person, allowing everyone to feel included in the grieving process.

Digital Slide Shows

Create a digital slide show that combines the written memories with photos and music. This can be shared during the virtual service or made available for loved ones to watch at their convenience.

A well-crafted slide show can evoke emotions and provide a beautiful visual and auditory representation of your loved one’s life.

Memory Boxes

Collecting Precious Items

A memory box can hold not only the Funeral Share a Memory Cards but also other cherished items that belonged to your loved one. This could include jewellery, letters, photographs, and personal mementos.

Opening the box can be a poignant experience, allowing you to feel close to your loved one.

Personalising the Box

Decorate the memory box to reflect your loved one’s personality and interests. This could involve painting it in their favourite colours, adding meaningful symbols, or inscribing it with a favourite quote or phrase.

A personalised memory box can be a treasured keepsake, passed down through generations.


Funeral Share a Memory Cards offer a meaningful way to capture the essence of a loved one’s life through the eyes of those who knew them best.

By exploring innovative uses for these cards, you can create lasting tributes that provide comfort and keep the memory of your loved one alive.

Whether through a memory book, a digital board, or a personalised craft, these cards can help you find solace and connection during a difficult time.

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